An innovative foundation that aims at developing payment by results of social programs.

How does it work ?

is a foundation

Our objective is to promote and facilitate the implementation of social impact bonds by increasing available funds in prevention and innovative social programs. We play the role of outcome payor with a view to reinforcing the resources allocated to social, ecological or humanitarian risk prevention programs.

An NGO or a social organisation


Leads an innovative prevention project

In case of improvement and success

Fonds B. repays the investors alongside the government for their initial investment

The successful program can be scale up

You are a social
organisation ?

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philanthropist ?

Social Impact Bonds ?

The Social impact Bond (SIB) is a tool for promoting social innovation through a results-based rather than a means-oriented approach.

What is for ? It is used to test innovation, fund prevention projects and leverage social impact.

It was launched in the UK in 2010 and was developed in France in 2016.

The sectors of activity of Social Impact Bonds in the world

Employment 34%

Health 17%

Housing 13%

Family 12%

Education 8%

Homelessness 5%

Environment and Sustainable Development 1%

Justice 10%

Source : sibdatabase 2018 - Social Finance

Key figures of payment by result in the world in 2018


24 countries
in the world


400 millions


108 programs


800 000

Source : Social Finance - January 2018

The team

was created by Marion de la Patellière and Pauline Johner Heuzé, founders of sb factory, a consulting company dedicated to social innovation. Sb factory was a leader in the implementation of Social Impact Bonds in France.

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Jérôme Auriac, Associate Director GreenFlex
Sarah Ertel, Head of partnerships and Ashoka Support Network ASHOKA France
Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot, HEC
Jean Saslawsky, Executive Director Foundation la France s'engage

Founders partners

Research partner

Chaire Finance pour l'innovation

Our publications

As part of its partnership with the Fondation la France and Audencia's Finance for Innovation Chair, Fonds B. regularly publishes articles on Social Impact Bonds.

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